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Chief Imo is the only indigenous YouTube creator in Nigeria that brings funny and comedy about chief imocontent (video) in igbo language. having been certify by YouTube, we gives brands the need to advance in on their content strategy, As a creator, We create Content that keeps you entertained in Igbo. All our video are subtitled in English.

Longinus Anokwute Chief Imo, as widely called, is the the chief executive owner of Chief Imo Production Ltd . As popularly known in Nigeria and over the world as a celebrity with among the the populous tribe : chief imo is
a comedian, showbiz promoter, Nollywood producer, Nollywood Actor, script writter : has also aquired a meaning in te minds of the publicpromoting good health with comedy talks.

Laughter is said to be the cure to being sick. Studies show that people who laugh more often get sick less.
Am bringing to you the best of comedy video that can treat all manner of sickness and given your life a good meaning

chief imo the the fast growing comedian in Nigeria today with the only comedian props in vernacular language IGBO: having produced so many award winning movies, he  has gone a long way

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